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How To Be Social Without Alcohol
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Social Life Without Alcohol

Alcohol is here to stay. Deeply sewn into the fabric of modern society, drinking is as ubiquitous as social media trends. It’s a way that many choose to connect, have fun, live stress free, and socialize. It stands to reason that those battling…
spiritual addiction recovery

Spirituality in Recovery

There are a number of ways you can move forward with long-term recovery and conquer any addiction issues you’re facing. One way people choose to do that is through a focus on spirituality in recovery. This approach may not be right for everyone.…
relapsing on drugs
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Relapsing On Drugs

The journey to recovery is different for each individual. The decision to find assistance or treatment for drug and alcohol abuse takes courage and commitment, and it isn’t always smooth sailing. Some aspects of recovery are painful or intimidating,…
Drugs Leaving The Body
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How Long Do Drugs Stay In The Body?

A common question among people who use drugs—whether illicitly or by prescription—is, “How long will this drug stay in my body?” This question may be asked by those looking to understand how long the drug’s effects will last, when…
Addiction Recovery And Honesty

Honesty In Recovery

Everybody lies every now and then. Whether it’s a little white lie to help avoid upsetting a loved one, or something a little more serious to help your own interests, lying is just part of being human. Unfortunately, it’s also the component…
Community Reinforcement Approach Addiction Support
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Community Reinforcement Approach (CRAFT)

Substance abuse treatment comes in many forms, styles, and various approaches. Since addiction is a lifelong disease that impacts every individual differently, the methodology behind addressing substance use disorder is similarly varied. In…
relapse prevention strategies
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Relapse Prevention Strategies

Addiction and substance abuse are common problems for 23.5 million Americans, yet uncomfortable silence surrounds the topic. We're not supposed to talk about our mental health problems or admit an addiction. Addiction itself is frequently viewed…
Financial Support For Recovering Addiction
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Financial Help For Recovering Addicts

Addiction can impact all aspects of life. From relationships with friends and family to finances, substance abuse can be hugely impactful. The financial situations for those recovering from addiction is an important aspect of finding long-term…
Are Interventions Effective Aspenridge
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Are Interventions Effective

An intervention can encourage someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction to seek help through addiction treatment programs. Popularized by major series across different networks, interventions are often used to nudge a person…
5 Stages Of Addiction Recovery

Stages Of Addiction Recovery

Addiction is an all-encompassing disease that affects the person suffering as well as their loved ones. It often progresses over time and, as a result, the journey to recovery can be incredibly challenging. It often requires a complete lifestyle…