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Stages Of Alcohol Withdrawal | Aspenridge Recovery
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Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal for Women

Addiction can take many forms and has many faces. Alcoholism is one of those faces and is one of the most common forms of addiction. Withdrawal from alcohol, although it is dangerous, is a doorway we must go through to find sobriety. Tools like…
Why Mental Health Matters | 10 Importance Of Mental Health | Aspenridge
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Why Mental Health Matters

Mental health matters. It’s connected to nearly all facets of life and is a driving force for how we are able to interact with peers, loved ones, and even strangers. It is also connected to our physical wellbeing, helping us to maintain certain…
How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain | Aspenridge
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How Does Mental Illness Affect The Brain

Mental illness can be generalized and sometimes even dismissed. There’s a long-standing stigma surrounding mental health with many dismissing them as a sign of weakness, instability, or moral failing. Stigmatizing mental illnesses can be detrimental…
Drugs And Mental Health | Psychological Effects Of Drugs | Aspenridge
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Drugs And Mental Health

It’s common for society to dismiss drug abuse as a character flaw or loss of impulse control. There is a long-standing stigma associated with addiction, as many chalks it up to a simple inability to just say no. When we carefully examine the…
Substance Abuse & Rock Bottom Depression
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Hitting Rock Bottom Depression

When referring to substance abuse, hitting rock bottom is common occurrence. The phrase is often heard or used to mean there is no further way down. Many people consider it another way of stating, it’s the end of the road. Hitting rock bottom…
Suffering From Depression And Substance Abuse
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5 Symptoms of Depression

Depression afflicts 17.3 million Americans, or just over 7% of the total population. However, that figure only represents those who’ve received a medical diagnosis. While unknown, the actual number is much, much more significant. Although…
Does Alcohol Cause Sleep Walking
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Alcohol-Induced Sleepwalking

Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function…
Dealing With Shame In Therapy
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Dealing With Shame In Therapy

For many struggling with substance misuse, shame is a familiar feeling, especially when it comes to looking inward and becoming honest in the progression of addiction. Shame may also come up for those who are trying to recover from substance…
Substance Abuse Delirium (1)
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Substance Intoxication Delirium

Certain substances can have short-term and long-term effects on the brain. According to the National Cancer Institute, a psychoactive drug, also known as a “psychotropic substance,” is something that affects how the brain functions. It can…
Addiction Recovery Therapy Length
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Average Length Of Therapy

Let’s imagine for a moment that you had a dizzy spell, fell over, and cut your head. You wouldn’t expect a doctor to simply bandage your head without examining the underlying reason for your fall. The exact same principle goes for people…