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Parents Addicted To Prescriptions
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Parent Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Addiction can have a profound impact on a family. In addition to health-related concerns, substance abuse can impose financial stresses and cause resentment among family members – particularly children who have a parent addicted to prescription…
Children With Addicted Parents
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My Child’s Father Is An Addict

Few mental health disorders can disrupt a family more than substance use and addiction. Addiction can pose severe consequences within family dynamics, causing immediate and prolonged impacts with those who are within close proximity to the issue.…
Friend Is Abusing Drugs
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I Think My Friend is Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse can cause serious damage to many aspects of an individual’s life. Substance use can lead to more severe medical concerns, a decrease in mental health, difficulty in maintaining employment, and relationship challenges.  From an…
Addiction Help Resources
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How to Ask for Help With Drug Addiction

Knowing when drug and alcohol use has become a problem can be one of the most challenging parts of seeking recovery. It can be hard to understand the available resources, including where to go or who to talk to, and how to discuss your addiction.…
Drug Education Resources
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Why is Drug Education Important?

Why is drug education important? Understanding the impact of alcohol and other drugs is undoubtedly an invaluable strength. Knowing how drugs impact the body, the long and short-term effects of substance abuse, and the possible risk factors…
supporting someone with an addiction
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Helping Someone with Addiction

Alcohol and drug dependency can be isolating for the 19.7 million Americans intimately familiar with the struggle. The sometimes selfish nature of the disease convinces individuals that it should be handled alone because it’s a personal battle.…
how to stop being an enabler
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How to Stop Being an Enabler

Addiction and Enabling Go Hand-in-Hand Substance abuse doesn’t just affect the addicted person. When someone has a drug or alcohol problem, it profoundly impacts the lives of those around them. Addiction has a special way of weaving chaos…