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Risks Of Taking Gabapentin
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Is Gabapentin Addictive?

Gabapentin, sold under the brand names Neurotin, Gralise, and Horizant, is a drug most commonly prescribed for the treatment of nerve damage. While the drug is a useful medication for patients who suffer from epilepsy, restless leg syndrome,…
Process Of Getting Sober
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What Happens When You Get Sober?

For those battling the disease of addiction, getting sober may seem to be the ultimate goal. Lots of great things happen when you get sober. But starting on the road to recovery unveils a new perspective in the journey of healing. Sure, the…
woman deciding between water or a beer wondering, am I an alcoholic

Am I an Alcoholic?

If you’re wondering, “Am I an alcoholic?” It's likely that drinking has negatively affected your life in some way. You’re not alone. Alcohol abuse and addiction are some of the most common issues impacting millions of Americans. Issues…
Alcohol Issues
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When Alcohol Becomes A Problem

Alcohol can be fun. It can liven up celebrations or casual dinners. It's often treated as an exciting feature of parties and large events. The culture surrounding alcohol is fueled by energy, liveliness, and a generally positive atmosphere,…
What Is Considered Alcoholism
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What Is Considered An Alcoholic?

When drinking is such a firmly established social norm, it can be difficult to determine when it turns problematic. Of course, there are stereotypes that play a role in how we measure alcoholism—a homeless individual with anger issues. However,…
What Does Sober Curious Mean
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What Is Sober Curious?

Pause for a moment to consider your relationship with alcohol. Do you struggle to stop at just one drink? Do you enjoy the feeling of being drunk? Or maybe you abstain altogether? Are you considering abstaining? What is sober curious? Different…
Can Alcohol Cause Brain Damage
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Can Alcohol Permanently Damage Your Brain?

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common illnesses in the US. According to multiple studies, including one by MedlinePlus, around 18 million adult Americans are battling alcohol use disorder (AUD). That’s equivalent to 1 in 12 men and 1…
Husband Drinking Too Much Alcohol
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How To Deal With A Husband Who Drinks Too Much

If your spouse has issues with alcohol consumption and is either unable or unwilling to stop drinking, they may be battling alcohol use disorder. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem, hindering many individuals nationwide. The National Institute…
Alcoholism And Relationships
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Alcohol and Relationships

The term "functioning alcoholic" seems incompatible with reality. Is it possible for a person to excessively drink alcohol and function properly in everyday life? For spouses or significant others, many feel that alcohol can greatly impact connections…
Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey
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Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Is it time to quit drinking? If drinking has become problematic, it might be worth the effort to consider decreasing or discontinuing alcohol use. Unfortunately, stopping or changing alcohol use patterns is not an easy undertaking. Drinking…