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Are Interventions Effective Aspenridge
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Are Interventions Effective

An intervention can encourage someone who is struggling with alcohol or substance addiction to seek help through addiction treatment programs. Popularized by major series across different networks, interventions are often used to nudge a person…
Health Insurance And Substance Abuse Treatment

Does Health Insurance Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

The cost of addiction far exceeds any monetary fund. Studies have proven that the consequences of substance abuse disorder have a ripple effect that touches lives beyond just the individual abusing alcohol and drugs. Friends, family, and even…
when is addiction treatment needed
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Do I Need Alcohol Rehab?

Treatment for alcohol use may be needed if drinking has become problematic. One thing is certain: uncontrollable use of alcohol drastically impacts health and the quality of life. However, it’s not always easy to identify when to reach out…
types of addiction support

Different Types of Drug Treatment

Substance abuse and addiction, like any disease, varies from person to person on its effects and symptoms. The greatest risk individuals face with substance use is the possibility of dependence. Determining the right level of care with different…
recovery coaching and addiction support
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Takeaways from Recovery Coaching

Last week, I ordered new business cards with my full title, Alumni Coordinator and Certified Recovery Coach at AspenRidge Recovery. That still amazes me as I write this. If anyone had told me that would be my title three years ago, I would have…
Is couples rehab safe
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Is Couples Rehab Safe?

Substance addiction in the United States is widespread, and, in recent years, has become a much discussed public health concern. Substance abuse costs the U.S. an estimated $740 billion each year, and it wreaks havoc on millions of lives. But…
addiction treatment colorado
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Drug Use Vs Drug Abuse

It can be hard to tell the difference between drug use and drug abuse. Drug use vs. drug abuse terms is often used interchangeably, although abuse and use carry different meanings. It is helpful to be aware of these differences as this can help…
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AspenRidge Recovery’s Telehealth Program Wins Big at the American Business Awards®

AspenRidge Recovery's Telehealth Program Wins Big at the American Business Awards® Colorado Treatment Center Honored for its Efforts to Bring Recovery to Underserved Communities LAKEWOOD, Colo., May 18, 2020—AspenRidge Recovery, a Colorado-based…
colorado online drug treatment

How Does Online Substance Abuse Counseling Work?

Our country is facing an overwhelming growth in drug and alcohol addiction. While the most recent statistic shows that more than 23 million people in the U.S. are living with addiction, only roughly 10% of people with addiction actually seek…
individuals asking themselves is treatment right for you
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Top 5 Reasons Treatment is Right for You

Still uncertain about whether treatment is right for you? Makes sense. It can be one hell of an intimating decision with plenty of unknowns, but let me tell ya, you’re not alone (by a long shot!). Countless number of my clients have said…