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Stages Of Alcohol Withdrawal | Aspenridge Recovery
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Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal for Women

Addiction can take many forms and has many faces. Alcoholism is one of those faces and is one of the most common forms of addiction. Withdrawal from alcohol, although it is dangerous, is a doorway we must go through to find sobriety. Tools like…
What Is A Functioning Alcoholic? | Aspenridge Recovery
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What Is A Functioning Alcoholic?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimated more than 15 million adults aged 18 years and older had alcohol use disorder in 2015. Therefore, about 6.2 percent of the adult population, nearly 10 million men and 5.3 million…
Alcohol Detox | What Happens When You Stop Drinking | Aspenridge
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Alcohol Detox

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that can cause life-altering changes in a person. Not only can it impact the person struggling with alcohol abuse, but also loved ones, friends, and even work colleagues. Unfortunately, recovering from alcohol…
National Addiction Recovery Month
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Changing the Words We Use to Discuss Addiction

National Recovery Month  Each September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors and promotes National Recovery Month—a month-long event to educate the public about addiction recovery. This year, the…
What Is The Connection Between Alcohol And Anxiety? | Aspenridge
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Alcohol and Anxiety

  It is fairly well known that alcohol consumption can increase anxiety over time. It is more well known, however, that alcohol can allow shy or anxious people to come out of their shells more easily to socialize. This dichotomy between…
Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment | Alcohol Dependence | Aspenridge
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Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

Excessive alcohol use is a nationwide burden, contributing to more than 140,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. Understanding how alcohol abuse happens is a vexing problem for many addiction treatment specialists and programs. Symptoms of alcohol…
Alcohol Abuse Medication | Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment | Aspenridge
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Alcohol Abuse Medication

Alcohol recovery is a difficult process. It often involves an individual having to make drastic changes in their personal and professional life. Change alone is challenging and can cause tremendous emotional and physical stress and turmoil.…
How Many Drinks Per Week Is Considered An Alcoholic | Aspenridge
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How Many Drinks Per Week is Considered An Alcoholic

Determining how many drinks per week is considered an alcoholic is hard to know. The primary reason is that the development of alcoholism – more formally known as alcohol use disorder – depends on many different components. Common components…
Effects Of Drinking 12 Beers A Day | Binge Drinking | Aspenridge
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Effects of Drinking 12 Beers a Day

​If beer is the alcohol of choice, it’s easy to assume that alcohol abuse is not possible. For many, drinking beer is associated with hanging out with friends and relaxing. Typically, having a few beers, even as a nightly ritual, doesn’t…
Effects Of Drinking 12 Beers A Day | Binge Drinking | Aspenridge
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The Cycle of Addiction: The Physiological Process and the Concept of Homeostasis

Many factors contribute to the development of substance use dependency. One of those factors is a physiological process that happens over time with continued substance use and may not be noticed by the user because it happens so incrementally.…