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Social Drinking vs Problem Drinking

In American culture, drinking can feel like any regular activity, much like going to the gym or booking a massage. We use drinking to fuel our stress relief in many ways. It’s also a favorite pastime with friends, a simple method to let loose. However, the darker sides of alcohol demand our attention now more […]

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Parent Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Addiction can have a profound impact on a family. In addition to health-related concerns, substance abuse can impose financial stresses and cause resentment among family members – particularly children who have a parent addicted to prescription drugs.   Sadly, many cases of severe drug use often go untreated, leaving many families to struggle with the consequences and aftermath […]

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Serotonin vs Dopamine Deficiency Symptoms

Cultivating a happy, calm, and motivated mind that finds ease in concentrating, relaxing, and sleeping soundly is no simple undertaking. There are many factors that affect a person’s mental wellbeing, and one of the most significant is a group of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters directly influence how a person thinks and feels. Experiencing deficiencies […]

What Happens to Drug Addicts in Jail?

The sad realities of drug abuse are not exclusive to its impacts on health. In fact, issues frequently cascade, affecting outside factors, including family life, the workplace, and the community. Communities nationwide are riddled with the complex and devastating nature of the after-effects of ongoing drug abuse. There’s been a long-standing correlation between drug abuse […]


Spirituality in Recovery

There are a number of ways you can move forward with long-term recovery and conquer any addiction issues you’re facing. One way people choose to do that is through a focus on spirituality in recovery. This approach may not be right for everyone. Given that the disease of addiction doesn’t effect individual the same way, […]

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Helping Someone with Addiction

Alcohol and drug dependency can be isolating for the 19.7 million Americans intimately familiar with the struggle. The sometimes selfish nature of the disease convinces individuals that it should be handled alone because it’s a personal battle. This can fuel guilt, shame, and even desperation that provides little incentive for individuals to seek help. Worse […]

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Dopamine Burnout

If dopamine is our brain’s feel-good chemical, what happens when this neurotransmitter production is exhausted? Dopamine deficiency is real and extremely problematic for people currently experiencing downturns in dopamine production. After all, this specific brain chemical is tied to emotional responses and vital for both physical and mental well being. Dealing with dopamine burnout can […]


How to Talk to Teenagers about Drugs

Adolescence is a crucial time. While the brain and body continue to develop, important social influences begin to emerge, including experimentation and peer pressure. As teens continue to explore who they are and where they fit in, they may find themselves facing dangerous situations and making difficult life choices without a parent’s guidance. That sentiment […]

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Gender Differences in Alcohol Metabolism

Alcohol can have several different effects on the mind and body, varying from one person to the next. The experience of alcohol within the body relies on body composition, hormones, and neurochemicals. Alcohol can manipulate the body to create a sense of euphoria for some. However, it may also cause a tremendous sense of stress, […]

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How to Deal with Peer Pressure

It’s natural for people to identify with or compare themselves to their peers. Peer pressure is a force that nearly everyone has faced at some point. Through growth and a renewed sense of independence, young adults tend to question how they want to be and where they fit in among a social crowd. Peer pressure […]