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How Long for Dopamine Receptors to Heal?

Dopamine has long been considered a “pleasure chemical” closely linked to the disease of addiction. When referring to a dopamine rush, many associates it with the brain’s natural reward system that activates key neurochemicals during activities that bring happiness or pleasure. The correlation between dopamine and addiction is extremely complex and not yet fully understood. […]

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Alcohol Ruins Lives

It’s no secret that alcohol is a staple among many Americans. To some degree, alcohol is associated with happy feelings and positive events. Partying with friends, for example, usually involves casual drinking. A promotion at the office can call for a celebratory toast. Alcohol consumption also plays a standard role in socializing and building camaraderie, […]

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I Can’t Stop Drinking Wine

Drinking wine can be an enjoyable experience, both relaxing and stress relieving. Millions of Americans are drawn to the allure of wine. In fact, studies show that around 32%, or a little less than one in three adults aged 21 and older are monthly wine drinkers. Varieties in taste, flavor, and even accessibility make it […]

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Hiding Drinking

Alcohol is one of America’s most abused substances, contributing to an estimated 95,000 deaths annually. Despite these catastrophic losses, it’s still viewed as an acceptable form of celebration and is often linked to relaxation, fun, and laid back adventures. The dark side of alcohol carries severe consequences and wreaks havoc for millions of households nationwide. […]

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LGBTQ and Addiction

Substance abuse has destroyed families and communities at disproportionate rates. Unfortunately, individuals who identify as LGBTQ and addiction often go hand in hand. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), studies indicate that 39% of LGBTQ adults engaged in illicit drug usage. Substance addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their race, […]

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Alcoholism and Divorce

Alcohol use can come with severe costs. It can lead to legal problems, financial stress, unemployment, and cause serious health issues. It can also destroy a family and romantic relationships. Alcohol use is one of the leading reasons couples file for divorce in the United States. According to the National Institute of Health, alcoholism and […]

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LGBTQ Recovery

LGBTQ people often experience higher rates of co-occurring disorders than the general population because of the stress of living in a society that often rejects them. As a result, this can lead to increased alcohol and substance abuse in the LGBTQ community. Studies show that alcohol or tobacco abuse rates are 2‐4 times higher among […]

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Drinking Out of Boredom

Many people struggle with drinking out of boredom, and even if they don’t particularly like alcohol or its effects. Studies have shown that easily bored people are at higher risk of anxiety, depression, drug addiction, alcohol misuse, anger, and a number of other issues. Boredom can unexpectedly become a cue for sensation-seeking behavior. The current […]

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Rebuilding Relationships In Addiction Recovery

Human connection is a fundamental part of life. Every day, we’re creating connections with people we encounter, whether it’s strangers on the bus or in stores, our co-workers, or family members. Various psychological studies have shown that the relationships we form with others remain integral to our emotional and physical wellbeing and even our survival. We depend […]