Woman receiving counseling at our Lakewood CO rehab center

Lakewood CO Rehab Center

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood is our parent addiction treatment center in Colorado. Overall, our Lakewood CO rehab center has a thriving and nurturing community that empowers individuals to overcome addiction while achieving self-determination and emotional clarity.

Lakewood CO Rehab Center Treatments and Therapies

Every rehab center across the country has its own set of treatments and therapies. Some provide specific evidence-based programs, while others use a holistic influence on therapy. At AspenRidge Lakewood, we utilize the best of both worlds to ensure our clients get the total and complete treatment plan they deserve. This also gives you the best possible chance at a successful recovery without having to live in fear of relapse.

The goal of our Lakewood CO rehab center is to prepare you to the fullest before you complete one of our programs. We want you to have the confidence to return to your daily life with relapse prevention techniques and coping skills. For example, we offer a wide range of therapies during your time at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, including:

In many cases, an addiction is often accompanied by an underlying and untreated mental illness. Therefore, we will bring this condition to light and treat both issues simultaneously. With dual diagnosis, we will learn how both issues directly influence one another. This will help us discover if the addiction led to the development of the mental disorder, or if the mental disorder led to the addiction as a form of self-medication and coping.

Our Team at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

The staff at our Colorado addiction treatment center has the most up-to-date training, along with the educational expertise and experience. Moreover, our staff is dedicated to and compassionate about helping individuals in Colorado overcome addiction. Your overall wellness, safety, and growth in recovery are our top priorities.

We hope to earn your trust each and every day while providing a safe and comforting environment for you to heal. This is the truest benefit to entering our care at AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood.

Reach Out to AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

Struggling with an addiction can be an overwhelming journey that brings devastation to your life and that of those around you. Without proper help, you are more likely to remain in the cycle of addiction.

This is why it’s so important to seek the guidance of a professional Lakewood CO rehab center. For more information about AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood, reach out to our admissions staff today. You can reach us at 855.281.5588 for immediate assistance and insurance verification.