Therapist at our Fort Collins CO rehab center. AspenRidge Recovery Fort CollinsFort Collins CO Rehab Center

Are you searching for the highest quality Fort Collins CO rehab center? If so, look no further than AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins. With our 90-day rehab recovery program and alumni resources, you receive a full-service rehabilitation from the day you enter through lifelong sobriety.

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins

When you first enter our care at our Fort Collins drug rehab center, we will determine the severity of your addiction. Next, you may require detoxification at our parent location in Lakewood. Once you overcome withdrawal safely and are ready for the next step, we’ll be there to guide you. We will help you transition back to our facility to begin rehabilitation. Specifically, we offer treatment for a wide range of substances, including:

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins also offers process addiction treatment programs. These include gambling, shopping, gaming, the internet, social media, sex, and more. With proper counseling and therapy, you can begin to make positive changes in your life that promote newfound wellness away from the need for addiction.

Therapy at Our Fort Collins CO Rehab Center

One of the key aspects of rehab is addiction therapy. At AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins, we offer numerous therapeutic interventions for our clients. From trauma therapy to family therapy and nutrition education, we’ll work together to develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns. Further therapies we offer include physical fitness, holistic therapy such as hiking, neurofeedback therapy, and life skills training.

In some cases, a mental health issue can be present in an individual with addiction. Therefore, we offer mental health therapy programs to help you address concerns with anxiety and depression. These mental illnesses can greatly influence the development of an addiction. On the other hand, the addiction can spur on mental illness to great heights.

This is where dual diagnosis treatment can make a difference. By treating both the addiction and mental illness together, we can prevent the potential for relapse in the future. If one receives treatment but not the other, then it’s more likely to lead to relapse after you leave our care.

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You deserve to live a life without the devastation that substance abuse can bring into your family. In fact, addiction is a disease that will affect anyone and everyone that is around you in your daily life. The burden will also begin to affect your family and other loved ones.

When you are ready to face your addiction head-on, our Fort Collins CO rehab center will be ready to stand by your side. For more information about AspenRidge Fort Collins, reach out to our Colorado addiction treatment center today. You can contact us today at 855.281.5588 to begin the insurance verification process which ensures you receive treatment in a timely manner.