Our AspenRidge Recovery rehab center locations promote a homelike atmosphere. Learn more about our AspenRidge Recovery locations.AspenRidge Recovery Locations

AspenRidge Recovery is known as one of the highest quality addiction treatment organizations in Colorado today. However, did you know that there are currently two AspenRidge Recovery locations in the state? With AspenRidge Lakewood and AspenRidge Fort Collins, we strive to provide the utmost care and treatment for individuals across the state and in the Denver area.

AspenRidge Recovery Rehab Center Locations

Overall, AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood is our parent location and primary facility in Colorado. Lakewood offers a full range of programs, including detoxification and dual diagnosis. At AspenRidge Fort Collins, the sister facility, we offer numerous evidence-based treatments and holistic approaches to therapy.

Both AspenRidge Recovery locations work in correspondence with one another to ensure each and every individual receives the best care possible. We strive to give you the greatest chance at sobriety and a successful recovery through effective treatment, support, and guidance.

AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood

At our Lakewood CO rehab center, we offer evidence-based addiction treatment with various mental health and trauma therapies. We also offer 12 step recovery options, dual diagnosis treatment, and drug or alcohol detox at Lakewood.

With beautiful, safe, and clean residences, you can begin to find joy in sobriety and recovery. Moreover, you will have spacious living areas for reflection and comfort. Some of our activities include day trips, hiking, and team building outings. Each week, you will have access to 30 hours of therapy, along with assessment and intervention tools.

AspenRidge Lakewood offers therapies such as:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Psychoeducational groups
  • Nutrition and physical health
  • Family systems, self-esteem, and spirituality

Our specialists at Lakewood can also help you overcome sex and love addiction, self-determination issues and more.

AspenRidge Recovery Fort Collins

With multiple AspenRidge Recovery locations, we can provide a seamless transition from detox to rehab. This is even possible at our Fort Collins CO rehab center. If you are in need of drug and alcohol detox in Colorado, you can enter our Lakewood facility before returning to Fort Collins for rehab.

Our Fort Collins location is home to life skills training and a 90-day recovery program. Each individual who enters treatment at Fort Collins will have their own individualized 12-step program.

Visit Our AspenRidge Recovery Locations

Addiction is a powerful disease that can completely take control of your life. This includes both your personal and professional life. With our help, you can take that control back away from addiction for good. This is the time to reinvent your life with an exciting, sober and healthy future ahead of you.

If you are currently struggling with addiction and mental illness, reach out to AspenRidge Recovery today at 855.281.5588. The staff at our AspenRidge Recovery locations are available to help you through the admissions process.