woman gesturing to therapist asking about process addiction treatment programWhen most people think of addiction, they think of someone who can’t stop drinking or using heroin or another drug. However, a less well-known category of addiction are process addictions. Many people today suffer from process addictions, though they don’t know it. If you are suffering from a process addiction, it’s time to seek a process addiction treatment program in Colorado. At AspenRidge Recovery Centers, our highly-trained staff can help you overcome your process addiction, so that, over time, you can become less dependent on the process that you relied on daily. To learn more about our process addiction treatment programs in Colorado, call (855) 281-5588 today. 

What is a Process Addiction?

A process addiction, or behavioral process addiction, is an addiction that involves a strong impulse to take part in a specific behavior. You may engage in this behavior even if it results in harmful consequences to your emotional, social, or physical wellbeing. These addictions do not involve drugs or alcohol. Instead, the process of doing a specific action creates a natural reward or emotional high. 

A popular example of a process addiction would be gambling. If you have a gambling addiction, you may win or lose thousands of dollars in the span of a few days, because you can’t stop. As you win, you get an emotional high; however, when you lose, your emotions plummet. More than 5 million people in the United States today struggle with a gambling addiction.

While gambling is one of the more famous process addictions, there are a wide range of other dependencies, including:

  • Video game addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Food addiction

No matter what condition you struggle with, the experts at our process addiction treatment program in Colorado can help you put an end to your addiction.

Why Choose AspenRidge Recovery Centers’ Process Addiction Treatment Program?

At the process addiction treatment program at AspenRidge Recovery Centers, we are proud to have highly trained physicians and counselors on staff to help you overcome your dependence. Through a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic options, we can help you come to terms with your process addictions. Evidence-based therapies are treatments that experts on addictions have researched over time to ensure that these treatments can effectively treat these disorders. Additionally, we tailor your treatments based on your unique needs and experiences. Therefore, you know that you’re getting the treatment for you, rather than a generic, cookie-cutter treatment.

For example, one treatment option from our process addiction treatment program in Colorado is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Many of our patients find this therapy useful because addictions tend to be rooted in unhealthy behavior patterns. During cognitive-behavioral therapy, you can identify your harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Then, you can work with our compassionate treatment counselors to create coping mechanisms and healthy behavior patterns. 

As part of our process addiction treatment program in Colorado, we also provide treatment for a wide range of mental illnesses. Our mental illness treatment options include:

  • Depression treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Bipolar treatment
  • Personality disorder treatment

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At AspenRidge Recovery Centers, we want to help you overcome your addiction and any underlying mental health conditions, using our process addiction treatment program in Colorado. We offer a variety of services to help you, including:

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