5 Questions and Answers about LGBTQ Dating in Recovery

5 Questions and Answers about LGBTQ Dating in Recovery You probably know that alcohol and drug use is higher among members of the LGBTQ+ community than the general population. Not only does my community recreationally use substances more than our straight counterparts, but our rates of drug and alcohol dependence are also higher. The famed…

does substance abuse come before addiction

What Comes First Depression or Substance Abuse?

Mental health and addiction are so intertwined that many question: what comes first, depression or substance abuse? The criteria utilized for an official diagnosis are quite similar for both. In order to unravel the mental health and addiction issues, it’s important to understand what co-occurring disorders are and how they can impact an individual’s road…

anti anxiety medication addiction

Buspirone Interactions & Anti-Anxiety Medications

Depression and anxiety are leading causes of mental health disorders and are associated with the increased risk of morbidity, mortality, poor quality of life. These and other risk factors that can drastically increase a person’s dependency on other substances such as illicit drugs and alcohol. In some instances, anxiety can drastically increase the severity of…

amphetamine addiction facts

Amphetamines: The Smart Drug & A Wicked Withdrawal

Though its usage has continued to cripple communities, states, and the nation, amphetamines are still one of the most sought after drugs. Amphetamine addiction can be swift and all-consuming. The growing rates of amphetamine addiction hint at the power of its appeal and the dangers of its subsequent side effects. These powerful addictive stimulants are…

what is a co-occurring disorder

What is a Co-Occurring Disorder?

Mental illness and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand for many individuals. Sadly, facing coexisting disorders like addiction and mental illness can make both disorders considerably worse. Overcoming each is possible and it’s important to understand how co-occurring disorders work and how they can be effectively treated. What is a co-occurring disorder, though? We’re answering that…