drug incarceration statistics

Drug Incarceration Statistics

Drug incarceration statistics are revealing prevalent issues that may actually be negatively impacting ongoing drug use and addiction recovery.  In 2020, Oregon became the first state to move toward decriminalization. On November 3, Oregon voters forced significant reforms providing a new tactic to address the disease of addiction head-on, ultimately attempting to upend America’s decades-long…

drug use and addiction terminology

Substance Use vs. Substance Use Disorder

Communication around the disease of addiction is cumbersome and, at times, confusing. Labels and phrases are often used interchangeably, regardless of the differences in meaning. However, each label—whether referring to substance use vs. substance use disorder or prescription misuse vs. prescription addiction—has a proper definition that provides clarity with respect to the spectrum of alcohol…

health impacts of alcoholism and liver repair

How Long to Abstain From Alcohol to Repair Liver?

Even moderate drinking proves to have damaging effects on the brain, heart, and liver. Can sober months lead to long-term health benefits? If so, how long to abstain from alcohol to repair liver?  One of the biggest problems with alcohol is its social prevalence. We are immersed in a casual drinking culture, whether we’re having…

how to avoid drug relapse

How to Avoid a Drug Relapse?

The journey to recovery is different for each individual. The decision to find assistance or treatment for drug and alcohol abuse takes courage and commitment, and it isn’t always smooth sailing. Some aspects of recovery are painful or intimidating, and others can be downright scary. One of the terrifying aspects of overcoming the disease of…