woman smiling at desk working on the colorado rehab admissions processIf you’ve decided to seek addiction treatment, you may be confused about the rehab admissions process for your chosen treatment facility. Some treatment centers make the process complicated and confusing. However, at AspenRidge, we strive to ensure that your admissions process is quick and straightforward. This simplicity makes it possible for our treatment staff to focus on what matters most: helping you get clean and sober. To learn more about the Colorado rehab admissions process or to enroll at AspenRidge Recovery Centers, call us today at (855) 281-5588.

What To Expect During the Rehab Admissions Process

During the rehab admissions process, our staff will complete an over the phone prescreen and assessment. This assessment includes questions regarding family history, use history, medications, and more. This step of the process helps our entire team determine your specific needs when entering the program. It also allows us to assist you from the very beginning so that you can be the most successful in your recovery process.

In addition, this process helps us determine whether a medical detox is an appropriate first step to be sure you are safe and stabilized before entering the program. If this is the case for you, our admissions staff will help connect you with a local detox facility. Then, our team will coordinate transportation to ensure the rehab admissions process is as stress-free as possible.

Treatment Options Offered After the Rehab Admissions Process

During the admissions process, we will determine what level of treatment is best for you. For those struggling with long term addiction, our transitional in-house PHP program is an ideal step following detox. This program is a phased approach, designed to step you down as you progress through treatment gradually. It allows you to slowly re-acclimate back into the community. You will live in our recovery residences and participate in group, individual therapy and community building activities.

During the admissions process, our team may decide that Intensive Outpatient Treatment is right for you. This is an evening treatment program offered both in-person and online and can also serve as the next step after the PHP program. During our IOP program, you will take part in evening groups, individual sessions, urinalysis testing, psychiatric services, and more. Moreover, because there is no housing associated with this program, you can remain in your current living situation.

After you complete your addiction treatment program, we want to help you to stay sober. Therefore, we also offer an alumni program. During our alumni program, you can meet with other people who are dealing with the same issues as you. This program is an excellent way to make friends who can give you tips on how to stay sober and manage triggers. The alumni program also allows you to take part in social events that don’t involve drugs or alcohol.

Get Help From AspenRidge Recovery Today

Are you interested in our Colorado rehab admissions process? Are you ready to break away from the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse? If so, it’s time to call AspenRidge Recovery. Our treatment programs use a wide range of evidence-based therapy programs to address and treat a variety of dependencies, including:

We also treat a variety of mental health disorders in conjunction with your addiction treatment programs. This approach is called dual diagnosis treatment.

To begin the rehab admissions process, or to learn more about our treatment methods, call us today at (855) 281-5588.

If your mental health and substance use disorder has become overwhelming or detrimental to your health, contact AspenRidge Recovery Centers. You can reach us at (855) 281-5588. With our treatment programs in Colorado at Fort Collins, Lakewood (near Denver) and Lone Tree, you can start fresh and move forward with confidence.